“Very affective, honest and effective.” – Marga

“I have had the great privilege to meet Nellie for therapeutic sessions. These meeting were individual and in couples therapy with my Thai fiancée and Nellie’s female assistant from Thailand. In both cases she was very professional. The couples counseling must be very unique and has been very important for my future in the relationship with my girlfriend. Highly recommended.” – Olof Linder, Family Doctor

“I dare to express myself to the outside world more and I am able to have deeper, more genuine relationships with people because of that.” – Anonymous

“I learned how to create more inner clarity, even within difficult situations and I learned to live with more acceptance. Now I really started to live the life I want to be living.” – Femke

“I stopped hiding myself, got back in the crowds and say ‘yes’ to life again!” – Richard

“This meaningful and wonderful experience means a great breakthrough in my life!” – Frederique

“The awareness, relaxation and learning to look at myself with a kind and loving attitude were very valuable to me.” – Anonymous

“I intentionally seek silence. I don’t run away anymore from what I’m feeling or experiencing. And I noticed that I am capable to handle and deal with the restless feeling, being alone with myself. This discovery gives me a renewed sense of confidence.” – Anonymous

“I have faith in my process and whatever crosses my path.” – Mariët

“I recognize challenging situations, fears and other feelings better and I started to listen to my body. I experience many more moments of (silent) enjoyment and inner peace.” – Anonymous

“I got inspired by my goals and desires. My life has meaning. I am supposed to be here and I may love myself.” – Anonymous