Nellie Stiny

Founder and therapist


Nellie Stiny has a Cum Laude Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Amsterdam, and is a trained and experienced Mindfulness & ACT trainer, EMDR trauma therapist, Systemic relationship and family therapist, Focusing and Existential Wellbeing counselor. She completed all of her training in the Netherlands and is certified in the Netherlands.


Nellie gained a broad range of experience working as a psychologist in the clinical field, coach and trainer, treating diverse psychological problems and milder (counseling) issues. She has worked for diverse mental health companies and founded Mindbloom in 2013, inspired by the desire to offer clients a more personal way of guidance that respects the unique person, needs and situation. She also leads Mindful Leadership Seminars for companies from all over the world.


Fluency in English and Dutch. Basic understanding of German, French and Spanish.

Mindbloom Vision

“Every person has a unique and valuable life with ups and downs, a life in which you can find out what your values, dreams and desires are. A life in which you can aim to realize your goals step by step and give your life the direction that suits who you really are and what you value. At times, it can be pretty difficult to find this out all by yourself.

That is the reason why we do what we do: with clear vision from the outside, knowledge, skills, experience and trust we will find out together where obstacles limit you to lead your valuable life. We coach, train or treat you where needed, so you will be able to live life in a way that truly suits you.

A person that is satisfied with him or herself, is satisfied with life and able to express their satisfaction through their actions and interactions. Finding this satisfaction is an Art, the Art of Living. And this is what Mindbloom can help you acquire.

You can not force a tree to bloom. You can provide the right conditions in which the tree gets the full potential to bloom.”