1. Orientation

Free and without obligation. In this short email or phone orientation we will find out what your needs are and what Mindbloom can do for you.

2. Beforehand

Before we start with the intake interview, you will receive the registration form and policy agreement. You are kindly asked to carefully read, fill in, print, sign and bring the registration and policy agreement forms with you to the intake interview or send them by email at least two days in advance to nellie@mindbloom.nl.

3. Intake procedure

During this intake procedure we will discuss the information you provided on your registration form, talk about what brings you to Mindbloom, focus on the details of your background and life events that precede your need for coaching, training or therapy, mutual expectations, goals and questions. We conclude by formulating a plan of action, which will form the guiding principle during your journey.

4. Intensive

Do you wish to address some issues intensively and do you want to get the most out of your personal development and healing process within a specific time frame? Than this option is right for you. We will work on meeting your personal needs and goals within the limited time frame.

5. Training

Mindbloom currently offers the following trainings:

  • Mindfulness
  • Fully living
  • Compassion

These trainings consist of 10 sessions, including an intake interview and a follow-up. It is possible to combine a training with personal coaching or therapy.

6. Coaching

With coaching you will work towards leading a satisfying and inspired life that will make you bloom. You are able to gain insights into your behavioural, feeling and thought patterns and we will work together to deal with obstacles that stand in your way to lead the life you really want and be the person you truly are. You will work towards positive goals that will help you to experience more satisfaction and happiness in life, by focusing on strengthening your talents and skills.

7. Therapy

Do you experience symptoms that noticeably impact your quality of life? Then therapy may be right for you. In therapy we focus on treating these symptoms, the underlying core problem(s) and your way of dealing with these challenges, problems and symptoms. Therapy can turn into coaching, working on strengthening your talents and skills.

During the sessions we will work toward achieving your therapeutic goals by pragmatically and flexibly using different techniques that suit your person, symptoms and situation best.

Every 5th session there will be an evaluation to assess the therapy process, your progress and to adjust the goals or sessions if necessary.

8. Combination

Training & Coaching / Training & Therapy

Would you like to engage in training and in addition focus on improving your personal situation, struggles or work on your personal goals? Then a combination of training and coaching or therapy may satisfy your needs.

9. Meditation

Do you feel the need to meditate privately on a regular basis, being able to have the meditations tailored to your personal situation and needs? Then these personal mindfulness insight meditations may be right for you.

10. Maintenance

Do you want to maintain and reinforce the positive effects of your coaching, training or therapy journey? And do you want to enable yourself to deal with relapse? You can plan these sessions over a longer period of time, so you will be able to get the most out of your Mindbloom journey.

11. Online

We also offer coaching, therapy and training via Skype. You don’t have to leave your house or hotel to notice the effect.

We learned from experience that clients easily feel relaxed and comfortable in their own surroundings, are able to get to the core quickly and integrate changes rapidly and fluently into their daily routines. Exercises and interventions have noticeably bigger effects, because they are executed on the location where you want to see the change: in your own life and your own surroundings.